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lling them to Fujian businesses.The Fujian government also supported Ningxia to relocate people from ▓impoverished areas. As

secretary of the cou

a pilot project, several thous▓and families moved from Xihaigu to a better area near the re▓gional capital, Yinchuan."The measur

nty committee suppor

e proved effective and we created a sustainable path," Xi said.MAKE TARGETED EFFORTSWhatever Xi's posi▓tion is, he has always


ted him. One year afte

highly valued pre▓cision in poverty alleviation."You should not bomb fleas with grenades," Xi said, stressin▓g that money should be spent in the ▓right place.In late 2013, Xi visited a remote vill

age in cen▓tral Hunan Province, where he met only seniors, children and women, as the young and robust had left to work in cities."I figured, how co▓uld they possibly pursue any major projects. So

r, only his commune reaped a
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good harvest compared

I said w▓e might as well get you some 'legs' -- several black pigs, cattle and goats for every household. The senior▓ villagers were very pleased, saying it was exa▓ctly what they wanted," Xi said

.Back when Xi served as deputy Party chief and governor of Fujia▓n Province, he proposed "making real efforts to help the really poor."Since he became the Party's l▓eader in 2012, he has insisted

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said. "Suddenly all

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on seeing "real poverty" every time he has reached an impoverished region, such as Fuping county in Hebei Province, Huayuan county in Hunan

nd the system fi

Province and Dongxian▓g Autonomous County in Gansu Province."In some localities, ▓people have the misconception that pov▓erty relief goes hand

nally got widely implement

in hand with industrial projects. [But] in deep mountains and forests, where there are no professionals or market, and costs are high, it is

ed.""At that tim

not easy to ▓develop industrial projects," Xi said.Poverty relief is all▓ about solving real problems, according to Xi.He stressed the import

e, Zhengding was

ance of education and guaranteeing▓ basic public facilities, such as roads, water and power.H▓e also suggested teaching those in poverty "how

a pure agri

to fish" in accordance with t▓heir actual conditions and capabilities."The elderly▓ can raise chickens, ducks and sheep. Give them some fine br

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secre▓tary and the office's director.""T

eeds, guide them on proper feeding, and offer ▓some financial support. For young people, it is i


he five communes south to the Hutu

mportant to help them find jobs. [We] train th▓em, and instruct them to find employm▓ent outsi

o River had done a good job. ▓Many pe

de their homes," Xi said.He has warned against aiming too high, saying that tas▓ks should be ac

ople went to work in Shijiazhua?/h3>

complished one by one.Xi has called for saving children from poverty, in particular, by grantin?/p>

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to education in remote and rural areas, a

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elter fr

om win

nd that the development of compulsory educat

  • d and rain," Xi
  • said.After doing r
  • esearch, Xi submit
  • ted a report
  • to the CPC Fuji
  • an provincial com


ion receives due attention.Te▓achers could be

  • sing resettling
  • those living in th
  • atch▓ed sheds and
  • small boats."
  • Communist Party
  • members must hav
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ce of mind

sent on a rotating basis to poor mountainou

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  • iving in such poor
  • co▓nditions,
  • " he said when p
  • residing over a me
eting in

1998 ▓to address the pro


blems.Due to Xi'

s proposal,

s areas, Xi said, suggestin▓g offering teachers better pay and greater opportunities for promotion.To move people out of poverty,▓ Xi believes,


ent between the

advanced a▓nd

it is crucial to instill in them▓ an aspiration to live better.From 1988 to 1990, ▓Xi was secretary of the CPC Ningde Prefectural Committee in F


ion.Xi was in ch

arge of the

ujian."I saw Ningde as a weak bird tha▓t needed to make an early start, work with perseverance and not feel ashamed of lagging b▓ehind. Work inc

Latest ▓ fir

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st steps to prospe

essantly and it will ▓eventually take on a new look," Xi said.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were later co▓mpiled into a book titled "Out of Pove

r, the coa
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Flying bicycle
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stal regions in the

rty," wh▓ich Xi said could serve as a guideline."For those in pove▓rty, a lack of morale will get them nowhere," Xi said."In the battle against po

e▓ast sho
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uld not leave othe

verty, no corrup▓tion, fraudulence or blind pursuit ▓of political achievements can be allowed▓," Xi said, adding that secretaries of the CPC coun

r areas al
amazing caves coverimage

one. We need to ac

ty committees or county magistrates should work at the very frontline and make concrete efforts.Only with a down-to-earth style and concret▓e eff

hieve c▓o
mmon prosperit

Get In y," Xi

said.Within the

orts can cadres fulfill the promises of eliminating poverty made to the people and to the history, according to Xi.Xi has stressed that the task of poverty relief, which tops th▓e Party and the country's work agenda, mu

framework of counterpart assistance, well
s were du▓g and cellars
built to store water
for drinking and irrig
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